The simple way to find out about CPD for the freelance interpreter: talk to your colleagues when you get the chance

Post date: Sep 19, 2016 8:42:35 AM

I was recently reminded how easy it can be to pick up CPD tips and opportunities from colleagues. Freelance interpreters often work together in small teams for conference or on-site work, and rubbing shoulders with different individuals provides the ideal opportunity to swap ideas and insights about techniques than can help us to learn and develop. I find that younger colleagues often come up with the simplest and most effective ideas, such as webinars, podcasts, etc. - although obviously this isn't a hard and fast rule!

So next time you're working in a team with a new colleague, or somebody you haven't seen for a while, or even somebody you're a bit tired of working with (come on, we all know this happens), take the opportunity to tap into their experience, and ask what they do to maintain their skills, or to learn new ones. It's so easy, and it can open up unexpected new vistas (merci, Géraldine).