Perturbé in Paris?

Post date: Apr 12, 2010 8:52:57 AM

And so to Paris to see some clients. My morning flight was delayed by one hour 40 minutes, and seeing as I only went for the day, my return flight in the evening was delayed by, you've guessed it, one hour 40 minutes. Factor in the somewhat bizarrely designed driverless monorail system to the RER (rail) station, and the ponderous train link to Paris, and you have a frustrating day from a transport point of view. Still, it could have been worse: the 100-minute delay at Brum airport would have been far longer had a spare plane not been available (good work Flybe, although I suspect your bean-counters might not agree), and at least there were no strikes on the Paris rail system (the phrase "suite à des mouvements sociaux..." still has the capacity to chill the blood when heard over the on-train tannoy). And lunch was excellent, naturally. And I got to wander down one of my favourite streets in Paris (Rue St-Louis-en-l’île, behind Notre Dame). So not that perturbé after all, really. In fact quite a successful day, I think.

Note to self: staying as unstressed as possible on delayed planes, trains, etc. is A Good Thing.