Consulting/training/other services

Companies and institutions, quite understandably, often don't know where to turn when it comes to buying language services, or getting the best out of in-house language services. 
I can act as your strategic partner for language services, helping you assess your translation and interpreting needs, and supporting you to make the most effective use of language service providers.
I can also train and mentor in-house and external providers to optimise the service they deliver and ensure best value for your organisation.
I have three years' experience of delivering Advanced French-English Translation modules at Aston University, Birmingham, UK. The modules were designed to give students an insight into supplying translations to a professional standard, and encompassed a variety of text types and key elements of translation theory.
Other services include:
- training in understanding nuclear technology and IAEA/WANO plant safety review processes for translators and interpreters working on-site at nuclear plants.
- "language support" services, to assist non-native English speakers in writing safety review reports at nuclear power plants. 
- English-language copywriting (content creation) for print and digital media, based on multilingual original materials provided by customers in the nuclear and technology sectors.
I also provide training for nuclear power plant staff (in French and English) to support preparations for international nuclear safety reviews (in the areas of self-assessment, logistics, communication, translation and interpreting), and help bring standards in line with international requirements. Training is delivered in partnership with Katia Gandwerg of Concept et Langage International.
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